About us

The name of the Association is Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation, reflecting the Yorta Yorta language spoken by all the Yorta Yorta clans, including the Kaitheban, Wollithiga, Moira, Ulupna, Bangerang, Kwat Kwat, Yalaba Yalaba and Ngurai-illiam-wurrung clans.

The Yorta Yorta Nation is comprised of peoples with undeniable bloodlines to the Original Ancestors of the Land of the Yorta Yorta Nation. These bloodlines link Yorta Yorta peoples’ past, present and future to one another, with traditional laws, customs, beliefs and sovereignty intact.

Since 27 November 1998, YYNAC is incorporated under the Commonwealth Aboriginal Councils Association Act 1976.

YYNAC is established, amongst other objectives, to represent the members of the Family Groups who are descendants of the Original Ancestors of the Yorta Yorta peoples; to acknowledge those Original Ancestors of the Yorta Yorta peoples; to make decisions and act on any matters of significance to the Yorta Yorta peoples; and to enter into agreements with any person, Government agency or authority in relation to the protection of Yorta Yorta country.

The YYNAC is governed by the Governing Committee and the Elders Council comprised of 16 Yorta Yorta persons for each representative constituent. The Chief Executive Officer manages the day-to-day operations of the organisation, cultural heritage officers, researchers and administrative personnel.

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